If you can find a maste and petit cutter that you can write The best couple that became upper compatible of roll sticky is born!

Masking tape and tape cutter complete with the strongest roll sticky notes Roll sticky notes of glue type on the whole are items that you can experience convenience when you use them. Because it is

Masking tape and tape cutter complete with the strongest roll sticky notes

Roll sticky notes of glue type on the whole are items that you can experience convenience when you use them. Because it is useful to cut it short and use it as a notebook index, or to use it for a long time to temporarily hold a candy bag that is about to eat, it is easy to use if it is always kept at hand.

However, the convenient roll sticky notes are not without complaints. I felt it was a little bit over here. That’s amazing how it works as a fully upward-compatible roll sticky, making it easy to use when combined with two new items launched in quick succession recently.

First of all, I would like to introduce “Masking tape that can be written with a water-based pen”, which was released from Marks in July this year. This is exactly the product name, and it is a masking tape that I saw that I could write letters on the tape.

↑ Marks “Maste masking tape that can be written with aqueous pen” small volume size 6 colors for each 388 yen

Speaking of masking tape, in the first place masking, that is, to repel paint when painting. The fact that the letters can be written is weird from the original use, but still, with oil-based ink, the letters can not be written (it’s a level story that can not be written to the last).

So, among the masse users, there was no one who used the oil-based pen + the masse like a roll sticky note.

The top two are masking tape which can write a letter. Clearly, water-based ink gets on like feeling like writing on paper. The bottom normal maste can’t write cleanly by playing ink

However, the masking tape that this character can write can write sharp characters even with water-based ballpoint pens and fluorescent markers that were first fired with ordinary masking tape.

Usability other than writing with a water-based pen is almost the same as a normal maste

If it is this, you can cut it and put it in the length you like like a sticky roll, and you can freely write the letters from the top. It is also useful for adding comments to documents or adding a schedule to a monthly notebook.

In particular, the author is very grateful that “the usual pen can be used” because a conventional ballpoint pen is a water-based gel ink ballpoint pen. However, as ordinary paper does not absorb ink, it takes some drying time after writing. There may be a need for caution.

↑ Because there is also adhesive power, it also handles small temporary closures

By the way, it is the dissatisfaction point of the roll sticky which I wrote at the beginning, but it is adhesive power. The sticky roll is weak because it is made as a sticky note. It was also common for those that were stuck to peel off unnoticedly.

However, the adhesive power of the masking tape that this character can write is a grade that “It is slightly weaker than a roll sticky note and slightly weaker than a regular masse”. When I take it off from the top of my notebook or notebook, I do not bring the surface layer of the paper, but it does not peel off by myself. It is a feeling that the expression “just right” is perfect. With this level of adhesion, it would be easier to use for temporary fixing.

Perfect for this Maste! I felt that it was Kokuyo “tape cutter culcut clip” just released in November.

KOKUYO “tape cutter culcut clip” for each 3 colors 10 to 15 mm width 388 yen / 20 to 25 mm width 410 yen

Speaking of cullcuts, the tape cutter series being sold by Kokuyo. The special shape of the “Kulcut blade” has been adopted, and the tape has been spattered lightly, and the cut end has become jagged and straight, and has been popular since its launch in 2014.

In other words, this clip type masking tape cutter (hereinafter referred to as a long, so clip cutter) is a super-compact tape cutter equipped with a culcut blade, used by sandwiching a maste roll with a clip.

↑ It breaks with light power

How to use, just pinch the plump shape of the clip perpendicular to the roll of the maste. After that, move it while turning it to where you want to cut it, and just pull up the tape a little to make it beautiful.

As a sense, it is close to tearing the maste by hand with a hand, but the response is light, and the cut edge is also flat because it has only a cut edge.

↑ The left is a general tape cutter, the right is the cut edge of the culcut blade. Jagged is small and looks almost straight in the distance

It seems to be a very simple tool, but if you look closely, you can see that various devices have been made. For example, when sandwiching a mastee with a clip, the receiving side (lower side) of the sandwiching port moves and opens widely, so that it can be easily inserted into the roll. So, once it is pinched, this time the roll is closed so that the roll is difficult to come off, and the tape is fixed so that it hits the cutter blade horizontally.

Before opening, the receiver opens wide
Close and fix the tape so it is difficult to pull it out

Furthermore, this movable receiving side also corresponds to the thickness of the roll of Maste, and the long tape-wound ones (thick rolls) and those that continue to be used are always cutters with the same angle. Adjust to hit the blade.

Even though it is a clip-type cutter, I think that this mechanism that does not change the feeling depending on the remaining amount of tape is really well done.

↑ A structure in which the contact of the blade does not change even if the thickness of the roll changes

If you use this clip cutter in combination with a maste that you can write the first letter, it is easy to use a flat cut. When writing and pasting a message instead of a sticky note, it will look unattractive if the tape is shredded by hand, and it will float from the cut end and it will be easy to peel off. After all the cut end is as good as possible, but it is appreciated.

In addition, it is one of the points to improve compatibility as a very compact cutter. Maste that can write letters only to items with a wide range of application, if possible, I want to throw it into a pencil case and keep it ready. If so, the cutter should be in a size that does not get in the way out of the brush box. If it is a large capacity pencil box, it will enter even with a clip cutter in between, and if it is impossible, it may be put in a rose.

By carrying around these two, there should be things that can be saved at any time. Usability is guaranteed.


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