Storage of stationery using items of Muji

You should store stationery clearly, but have you ever put it here and there? If it gets scattered, it can be a thorn to look for when using it early. In order not to do

You should store stationery clearly, but have you ever put it here and there? If it gets scattered, it can be a thorn to look for when using it early. In order not to do so, it is important to make a fixed position on the stationery. This time, I tried putting together the storage case and point of such stationery according to the place.

You should store stationery clearly, but have you ever put it here and there? If it gets scattered, it can be a thorn to look for when using it early.

In order not to do so, it is important to make a fixed position on the stationery. In this fixed position, it is important to make it in your commonly used space, such as inside a drawer or on a desk.

Furthermore, by increasing the storage capacity of the space, you will be able to store stationery neatly anytime! This time, I tried putting together the storage case and point of such stationery according to the place.


Divide the drawer half by the book end, and it will be storage that makes one side space for stationery and household account book.

In the case of a large drawer, putting dividers like this makes it easier to classify daily items and stationery.




When storing stationery and other small items in a drawer, it is important to separate and store them by category.

In addition to partitioning, you can create a cohesive atmosphere in the drawer by unifying the color of stationery and sundries.



By putting a finely divided box in the drawer, it is an easy-to-see stationery storage.

By putting it in the partition box, you can also store easily rolling stationery such as pens.



It is dangerous if the pointed stationery such as the thumbtack is left bare.

If you use a case that can be divided into pieces, such as a pill case, you can cover it with a lid and you can store it separately for each type of thumbtack.



When stationery has accumulated, there is also a way to review and store it once.

By knowing what you need and what you don't need, you can clean up your stationery storage space.



The way you store using partitions can be used for more than stationery.

It's always easier to keep track of where you are by storing the batteries, which are easy to lose where you went, by putting them together in a partitioned case.



After organizing the stationery in the drawer, it is recommended that you make a label with Tepra etc. and put it on.

Even if you don't open it, you can see at a glance what's in it, so it's easier for everyone in the family to share the stationery location.



You can store the stationery more clearly if you put a label in the divided drawer.

By deciding on the stationery room, you can prevent the inside of the drawer from becoming messy.



It is also a trick to make the inside of the drawer clearer by simply storing the minimum necessary items side by side.

By putting cutters and cutters in different cases, you can reduce the risk of taking out other stationery.



Even small stationery such as sticky notes can be prevented from being lost by putting it in the partitions and securing a place like this.

It's easy to see and use batteries if you store the batteries and batteries separately.



If you store push pins and thumbtacks as they are, they will stick when you take them.

Therefore, it is an idea that it will be possible to take out and store the pin safely by putting the styrofoam etc. on the bottom of the case and stowing the pin there and storing it!

If this is the case, there is no fear of injury.



There is no drawer or storage space! When you say, you can also make a storage under the table with such items.

It can be placed under the table so that you can not usually see it, so it will be possible to store stationery that does not disturb the interior.

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If you want to put a little stationery on your desk, you can use a smaller stand for easier management.

Since the back is high like a file box, you can also stand tall items such as a calculator.

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If you put writing instruments such as pencils in a 5 case case of wood and store it, it will be on a desk with a stylish atmosphere.

The wood box works well with colored pencils, so it's nice to store it and show it as part of the interior.



If you want to place small stationery such as clips and masking tape on your desk, you can use a bean tray to store them.

You can add a pretty accent on your desk by using a stylish bean plate.



It is also nice to store the stationery in the drawer of the wooden box. It can be stacked and stored, so you can store a lot of stationery in a space-saving way.

It is recommended that you use storage that you can see frequently used stationery such as scissors.



If you want to store accessories and stationery on your desk, there is also a way to use such a box.

With a small drawer, you can store small stationery such as masking tape and clips finely.



If you put the tissue and the stationery stand side by side, the space on the desk will be narrowed.

In such a case, it is convenient to store things in a space-saving manner by using a storage item with a tissue case and a stand together.



When doing the storage for standing up, it will be cool when it is stored using a handsome item such as lime can.

If you put it on a wooden wagon or shelf, you can store it with a more industrial impression.



You can feel the vintage cans such as tinplate and aluminum, it is also nice to store stationery.

If glasses are put in remake cans, they can be taken out immediately and they can be stored with an impression like a part of the interior, as well as being convenient.



Rollable masking tape can also be stored using its own stand.

It is convenient to be able to cut and paste immediately when you want to use it if you also use a cutter stand.



You can use ceria wood to make a small apple box and store stationery in it.

Depending on the paint and stencil, you can create a box that matches the atmosphere of the interior, such as industrial taste and natural taste.



The wooden drawer case is an item that works great with the room with a natural decor.

As we can store small books in addition to stationery, storage capacity on desk improves.




It is cool to store stationery in a shelf or pocket with nuances in the stylish monotone interior.

Even though you can see scissors and pens, stationery is monotone, so you can get familiar with the interior without discomfort.



The stationery you always use will be easier to use when stored in a stand.

It is convenient to be able to open the envelope immediately if it is placed next to the DM storage such as letterbox.




If you store the monotone stationery together with the monotone pen stand, you can keep it on the desk in a stylish manner.

If you choose a gold clip, it becomes a simple desk accent GOOD!



The bottom part of Ceria's pen stand is slanted, so it is easy to pick out things.

Because it is slanted, it is easy to understand what is contained even when you are sitting, and it can be taken out immediately.



Unmarked items often play an active role in the drawer dividers, but there is also a way to separate drawers using a ceria divider box.

By putting and storing the push type accessory case together, it will be easier to remove more neatly.



If you put Ceria's white slim box in the drawer, you can store the pen clearly.

Since all the pens in the drawer are 100, it is also recommended that you first look at the 100 average when you want to have monotone stationery.



The combination of the unmarked polypropylene case and the 100 grade goods makes the stationery easy to use.

The point is to put small things such as clips and pins in a small storage case so as not to scatter.



Unmarked carry boxes have lots of partitions and handles, so it's easy to carry.

Stationery is intuitively easy to use by dividing it into operations.



Unmarked carry box is a must item when storing stationery you want to carry.

By dare to store pencils and so on, it is devised that the possession is easy to hold the part.



Carry boxes are also very useful for storing children's stationery and little toys.

There are a lot of partitions, so it's nice to put in cards, put in pens, and put in various things together.




When a child learns or draws in the living room, I want to be able to carry stationery around.

Unmarked carry box is lightweight, so even small children can carry it easily GOOD!



Storage of fine stationery and daily stationery, it is a must to use an empty carry box.

If you put a calculator etc. together, it is convenient to be able to take it out and use it immediately when putting up a household account book.



Unmarked polypropylene cases come in various sizes and shapes, so they can be incorporated according to the place you want to store.

By putting labels on the six-stage type of a small polypropylene storage box and storing stationery, you can see at a glance what is in the drawer.



In addition to 2-stage stacking, the 6-stage type of small storage box with no mark can be stored in various forms, such as side by side or side by side in a row.

Because I can store plenty of stationery, I'm glad I can be put together in one place.



An unmarked desk rearranging tray is very useful for storing stationery.

By unifying the stationery into a monotone, you can give a stylish impression when you open the drawer.



It becomes a classified stationery storage using an unmarked desk rearranging tray.

I'm glad to be able to increase the number of divisions by using an optional partition in the desk rearranging tray.



An unmarked desk rearranging tray will be an iron plate item to organize the inside of the drawer.

If you do not want to put the calendar on your desk or in your room, you can put a small calendar in the drawer and take it out when you want to use it or see it.



Unmarked polypropylene storage boxes have rounded corners, so it is also recommended when putting on small children's stationery.

When you put stationery as it is in the organizing box, it will be clear if you put the stationery to be straight.



Adhesives and small tapes can be stored without rolling if they are stored using a polypropylene case.

If you use scissors and a stick type with a cap, you won't have to worry about cutting your hand and cutting your hand GOOD!



If you use the unmarked desk rearranging tray and the rearranging box in combination, they can be stored in a united atmosphere because they are unified with items of the same brand.

A smaller sort box will be a convenient item to store in small lots.



In addition to the unmarked desk rearing tray, there is also a storage method that divides and uses many polypropylene cases.

If there are many types of pens, it is recommended that you keep the pens you use usually, and store pens that you use less frequently in a case.



The small polypropylene case is ideal for storing fine stationery such as masking tape and batteries.

By storing masking tapes side by side like this, it will be easy to understand at a glance what kind of patterned tape.


_____ mai.3

Even small accessories such as rubber bands can be stored smartly by using the unmarked polypropylene case.

The stock eraser and stapler core can be stored in a small space by putting them in a case and putting them in a corner.

The unmarked tool box is made of steel and is strong, and it is an item that can be left untouched.

Of course, you can store stationery as well as tools. As it is with a lid, it is also nice to be able to stack storage.


_____ mai.3

When there are a lot of pens, it will be difficult to lose if you put them together in an unmarked EVE case, and you can store them in a space-saving manner.

Because it is transparent, it is easy to understand what kind of pen is included.


Carry case that can be stored in a self-supporting manner will be transformed into an item that can store stationery by making partitions in a box or the like.

If you put children's drawing sets etc. in this, it will be easier to keep organized and GOOD!


Some of the unmarked cases have partitions from the beginning, which is very useful when storing stationery like this.

Don't put pens apart, put them together by color, and you can add a clean impression when opened.


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