unknown notes that fuse digital and analog are also nominated “Record” category

“Stationery general election 2019” which determines the number one by vote of the public among the stationery which was chosen by keyword “Hakodori”. An annual stationery event produced by GetNavi. Finally, voting acceptance will start

“Stationery general election 2019” which determines the number one by vote of the public among the stationery which was chosen by keyword “Hakodori”. An annual stationery event produced by GetNavi. Finally, voting acceptance will start at 6 am today. (Up to 23:59 on Wednesday, April 24)

Among the nomination products are stationery released from April 2018 to April 2019. In addition to Mr. Tatsumi, Takumi Furukawa, and Eiichiro Misaki who are active in the stationery and business genres, Itoya Buyers All 75 points picked up in advance by a total of 7 selection committee members, including 2 people and GetNavi editorial staff. It is divided into the following six divisions.

· Write · erase https://getnavi.jp/stationery/362258/

・ Stitch ・ Bundle https://getnavi.jp/stationery/362326/


・ We store https://getnavi.jp/stationery/362643/

· Mark · Tell https://getnavi.jp/stationery/362688/

・ Cut ・ paste https://getnavi.jp/stationery/362721/

Here, let’s introduce each department.


Kamido “and notebook” 756 yen

A note that can combine A4 documents and notes into one. Documents can be bound to the notebook with the attached special parts. While the document can be fixed firmly, it can be removed from the ring and moved to a different position.


Cosmo Tech “wemo pad type (2 pieces)” 1296 yen (S), 1404 yen (M)

A pad-type memo that can be pasted on a laptop PC, smartphone, etc. The unique coated silicone material allows you to erase the letters written with a ballpoint pen with an eraser or finger. The back is a suction sheet that can be stuck repeatedly.


Marks “EDiT squared notebook” 1620 yen (A6), 1944 yen (B6), 2376 yen (A5)

It has appeared as a new standard item from the notebook brand “EDiT” that has reached its 10th year this year. It features a soft blue 5 mm grid that does not interfere with the content written. The cover is Supra, a popular cover in the EDiT notebook series.


Midori “MD notebook journal” 972 yen


A note to write down daily records while enjoying the margins. A line-up of “frame” in which the research note is imaged and “ dot square” of 5 mm width that is convenient for drawing characters and figures are made.



Plus “Ka. Clie Assist Series” 162 yen

This is a popular notebook that trifold A4 paper fits neatly, an item that assists the carie. It was created for those who want to keep notes separated by content. Align free scheduler rules etc.


Kokuyo “Soft Ring Note ” 356 yen (A5 size)-

An adult notebook that uses the company’s proprietary “soft ring”. A special varnishing process is applied to the cover to create a sense of luxury. There is a field for entering the date and the title at the end of the page, and the searchability is high.


Fujitsu Client Computing “Electronic Paper” QUADERNO “Open Price

It features a writing feeling like paper and pen. While light as 350g (A4 size), PDF (※) of about 10,000 files are included. It can be used as a note with an infinite number of pages, and you can also taste the goodness of digital features such as scaling.
※: When about 1 MB is one file


JMAM “NOLTY notebook A5” 3132 yen

Notebook of the long-established “NOLTY” notebook. The small finish of this gold finish symbolizing the brand, it also looks beautiful and prevents dirt. We adopt paper for exclusive use of original notebook which does not choose writing instrument on the inside. Horizontal creases, grids, and plain three.


Midori “Pack and Memo” 345 yen

Glue the left side like a paper pad. Used pages are flipped, while new pages remain bound, eliminating the need for searching. The corner is round processing that does not get stuck in the pocket when carrying.


Sun Star stationery “Piri-it study! Planner sticky notes” ¥ 540

A sticky note on which you can put your favorite notes, etc., and write the “Results” you have made with the “Plan / Plan” of the day. When the task is over, break the index to see at a glance if the plan is complete.


Itoya “legal sticky memo TO DO” 486 yen

Legal pad ToDo type sticky note. It can be used for various purposes such as to-do lists and inventory lists. Since you can cut each task, you can change the order of the list, paste it individually, and edit it.


Delphinics “Lorburn Landscape” from 1134 yen

Stationery Director Supervised by Mr. Masaru Doihashi. It is a horizontal type for “thinking” where you can divide the page and switch the thinking mode. Divided guides can divide the page into 2.4. It is 2 size development.


Plus “clean notebook Kaite” 3888 yen (B5), 4536 yen (A4)

A new sense memo tool that can be written over and over again with magnetic force. We realize smooth, detailed writing and partial erasing with our own technology, and pursue the comfort of writing on paper. The written content can be saved and shared in a dedicated application.


Everyday, stationery. “DIALOG NOTEBOOK (3 volumes set)” 1512 yen

Pursuing thickness and lightness to carry around every day. It is also excellent to write in fine paper with a history of over 100 years. Lined with gray page numbers below and sideways with grids, not disturbing when writing, and easy to see when searching.

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